Yuvik Weddings & Events
The Heart of Big Fat Indian Celebration

Who are We?

Hello from Yuvik Weddings & Events! We are an event management organization based in Kolkata, India! We started our journey with the dreams of making celebrations into memorable ones. Our young and talented team members are all about hard work and creativity- we transform a celebration into a beautiful dream together with elegance and our radiant charm. 

We believe in customer experience while providing quality and investing our dedication in every little job we do. We manage events like weddings, parties, corporate seminars, organize birthdays, anniversaries, cater to your needs, photography services, decoration, and more. 

What Services Do We Manage?

We indulge in premium-quality equipment while curating extraordinary events out of love. We create, plan, organize, manage events for every other occasion. And our success story is the courtesy of a dedicated and innovative professional team who always give their best in every little responsibility they take. 

Event Planning and Management

We are your event management and entertainment solution for all sorts of corporate and private events. We also do celebrity management, weddings, exhibitions, birthdays, anniversaries, pre-wedding photoshoots, and more!

Unmatched Work Ethic at Yuvik Weddings & Events!

Organizing any event requires relentless hard work, attention to detail, and a fresh perspective- three primary reasons why clients are absolutely in love with our work. And also, the professionalism our young and sound team shows is commendable. 

We have never comprised with quality while delivering our work- nor will in the future. When you are trusting us with your dream, it is our responsibility to take care of that dream and make them accurate in every sense possible. 

  • Unmatched regional charm and cultural standpoints are our strengths.
  • We provide services to engage and entertain while maintaining our quality of service.
  • We emphasize creating beautiful and memorable experiences.
  • We are a team of talented young event architects who work to make your dreams come true. 
  • We also invest in personalized event management, so you do not have to pay a fortune!